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Chi Siamo

The study was founded in January 2000 by the architects Simona Palo e Caterina D'Acunti partnership.

The main works of the study are based on:

          Designing of residential interiors and site management;

·         Designing of stores interiors and site management;

·         Designing of furnishings and lighting elements;

·         Restoration and reinforcing of religious buildings;

·         Designing and furnishing of urban spaces;

·         Building site safety management;

·         Expert witness for legal cases.

Simona Palo

Simona Palo

With over  seventeen  years experience, I am an architect whit a very big experience in project plans and interior design.

 Member of the Institute of Architects of the province of Salerno since 1998,  graduated in Architecture from the Università degli Studi di Napoli  Federico II with a First Class Degree in 1997.                                                            

I  am an energetic, perseverant, meticulous and highly adaptable architect who adores creativity and team work.

 I can be totally relied upon to bring projects to a successful conclusion while respecting deadlines, and to motivate and communicate efficiently and constructively with both clients and colleagues.

Simona Palo

Caterina D'Acunti

I am an architect with over seventeen years of experience, specialized in interior design and landscape for the residential and commercial sectors. Obtained my Master Degree in

Architecture from the University of Naples Federico II and since 2000 became co-founder and joint manager of Studio PAD – Architecture & Design.

Where together with Simona Palo we created a vibrant and dynamic team of architects, able to provide a 360 degree agency for all architectural needs and services.

My meticulous work ethic is the stimulus that makes me very pro-active, determined and full of energy, constantly striving for new ideas providing the best outcomes for my clients.